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Decorating the interior and exterior of your property for the upcoming holiday is not easy. You would need to learn about the latest trends, search for reasonably priced ornaments, and consider the safety risks of installing decorative lights on your own. Leave the tedious work to our team at Deck the Mall, and we’ll help you transform your property into one that reflects the festive mood of the upcoming season. Our company offers a wide range of attractive decorations and lights. Aside from that, we are experienced in designing and installing custom pieces.

A Leader in Commercial Holiday Decorating Since 1998

The company, which is located in Denver, was founded to meet the growing need of commercial clients for quality holiday decorations. We had seen the demand for special ornaments, and our team understands how they could affect the profitability of a business. That is why we are committed to delivering exceptional work to our clients who want to decorate their properties, including offices, office suites, business establishments, and other commercial buildings.

It has been more than 40 years since we started providing services to various clients. Additionally, we have more than 15 years of experience in the field. So, we have learned the needs of our clients as well as the changing trends and best practices in the industry. No matter the holiday, we could provide and install the most suitable decorations.

The Ideal Choice for Your Holiday Décor Needs

From designing ornaments to installing them, we have you covered. Our team is equipped with the necessary experience and knowledge to help you create memorable, striking holiday decorations. We have undergone equipment and safety training, and we have learned about interior design. Additionally, our team keeps ourselves updated with the latest décor trends. This way, we can help you throughout the whole process of holiday decorations—making your property ready for the upcoming season.

Why Choose Us

Our licensed and insured business is the premier decorator for many malls and other commercial properties in the state of Colorado. We use a festive and fun approach to holiday decorating, and our experienced team always strives to give you a pleasant experience. Our team works on the interior and exterior parts of small and large commercial sites, such as:

Local Malls

Office Buildings

Outdoor Shopping Pavilions


Our clients continue to work with us because of our impressive output and great customer service. We always work closely with them throughout the project, making sure that everything is done according to their wishes. Contact us so we can discuss how our team can upgrade the look of your property.

Our Clients

We are proud to have served a variety of clients throughout the Denver metro area. Our team has worked with:

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